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“Dr. Ladocsi is very knowledgeable and professional. He doesn’t waste time, but never makes you feel rushed, or that there’s too many questions. He is honest, and I find that refreshing. He will tell you what would be his best recommendation for you, specific to you, but you have the ultimate decision. I highly recommend.”

“Wonderful experience. The doctor was great. Everyone was so nice and caring. Please recognize Dr. Ladocsi and his nurses.”

“Dr. Aboutanos is amazing! She is compassionate, understanding, patient, kind. I could go on and on. She treated , my daughter with wonderful care. So thankful to have found Dr. Aboutanos, she changed Courtney’s life! Everyone was fantastic!”

“I couldn’t be happier I chose this center and Dr. Chen. Everyone was comforting and made me feel like I was home and ok. Dr. Chen is amazing and an artist with his work. He has the eye to contour and shape and is amazing. I am so pleased with my results after only the first week.”

“Dr. Ladocsi did a great job. I have experienced no pain. The staff were courteous, friendly, and helpful. Thanks for making this easy.”

“Everyone was very nice and professional. I just love them all. Keep up the great work. Please recognize Dr. Stephen Chen.”

“I have already referred many friends to Dr. Ladocsi and they all had a good experience. He has operated on me several times. I love the new facility and the convenience of having surgery performed “in house”. Also, I think the likelihood of infection diminishes since I am not sitting around a bunch of sick people as in the hospital.”

“I have had the best treatment, and results with Dr. Aboutanos and the staff here. I have already told other people how wonderful everyone is here.”

“I felt I was in good hands. Staff was professional, on-top of their game, patient friendly, transferred their feelings of confidence along to their patients. And of course… I am very pleased with the skill and talent of Dr. Hubert.”

“Very pleased with Dr. Hubert’s work. Saw Dr Mason Williams who has since retired, with Dr. Hubert filling in with his expertise and superb knowledge of breast augmentation. Made me feel very confident in my decision for Dr Hubert to perform my surgery. Staff is thorough, professional and comforting.”

“I had an excellent experience with Richmond Plastic Surgeons. I had a breast reduction by Doctor Chen. He and the staff are Awesome. This was in 2009.”

“I love Dr. Ladocsi. He is the most caring and kindest Doctor. His bedside manner is awesome. He listens to what you have to say. He gives you the information and explains it to where you can understand it. If you have had outpatient surgery, he will call you at home that night to check on you to make sure you are OK and not having any problems….this shows you what type of Doctor this is…one that is highly recommended!!!!”

“Dr Ladosci was kind, efficient, and encouraging. I was able to get an appointment scheduled for something that was urgent to me within 36 hours of requesting the appt. He did an excellent job and I would refer him to friends and family.”

“I wanted to express my appreciation to Dr. Aboutanos and her office staff as well as her surgical staff for the wonderful and professional atmosphere that was provided before, during and after my surgery! I will make sure that I tell everyone about you and your office.”

“Dr. Aboutanos is an asset to the medical community. Her level of professionalism was outstanding. I am so satisfied with my results after surgery. She and her staff were outstanding. In knowing that I am a previous cancer patient she eased all of my fears by supporting me from the beginning to the end of my procedure. Dr. Aboutanos has excellent bedside manner. Most important, when I asked for a hug, she did not hesitate. I haven’t had a doctor make me feel this good in a long time. Thank you Dr. Aboutanos. I plan to see you again real soon for another procedure.”

“Dr. Isaac Wornom removed a right axilla lipoma, and I had an excellent experience, with an excellent result. Dr Wornom was very thorough, taking the time to explain everything and answering all my questions. He was kind and caring. His staff was a pleasure to work with. He did a great job!"

“Dr. Wornom did a phenomenal job, executing exactly what I had envisioned! The staff is always so friendly when I come into the office. I’m happy I chose RPS and will continue to go back.”

“I really appreciate my first visit and surgery with RPS. I had Dr. Aboutanos as my surgeon. She was so professional and delightful. As a doctor she is so well prepared. As a person she is extremely personable and friendly. The procedure was painless and the outcome couldn’t have been better.”

“Thank you Dr. Aboutanos for taking such terrific care of my son. His eyebrow is healing so well. I can’t imagine it looking any better! We really appreciate your time and expertise!”

“Dr. Aboutanos is always kind, caring and respectful. She is always personal and compassionate. Thank you!”

“Dr. Aboutanos, thanks sooo much for making me look good again.”

“I respect Dr Ladosci as he truly cares about his patients and their health and outcomes first. His main concern is that you are safe to have the procedure. And, secondary, he wants his patients to have realistic expectations of what the results can be. After the procedure has been done, the care and follow up have been great! Other doctors respect him, and also like to work with him. He is very thoughtful, caring and respectful to me as a patient. He is sincere. There have been times I needed to wait, but that is because he cares about his other patients too! And, that is balanced by him working me in when it was necessary. We are all important to him!”

“From the staff to the Surgical Center, they made me, my husband and my son feel very welcomed and appreciated. Dr. Ladocsi is an incredible doctor as well as a person…. Open, honest and very sincere. He is completely dedicated to his work. He is passionate about making sure the end result is what the patient is wanting. So often, doctors tend to be dismissive and focus on their own idea of what the results should be and not the patients wishes. He is diligent in creating a natural-looking appearance for the outcome of the procedure. His dedication to constantly educate himself is a testament to his professionalism, and his desire to have the end result look natural, is a testament to his compassion. He is a master at his trade!!”

“I am hard to impress and do not normally trust rapidly. Dr. Ladocsi was impressive from the first visit and, amazingly, earned my trust at the same time. He is an outstanding professional, is intuitive in deciding how to interact with patients according to their volatile emotional states (mine vacillated greatly due to an unexpected return of breast cancer and the need for bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction). He was exceptional! His calming, positive, supportive approach while maintaining a forward looking focus kept me upbeat. The results: beyond my wildest expectations. I am cancer free, pain free, am not disfigured and have a great deal to be thankful for: and that includes being the patient of this remarkable physician.”

“In 2008, I found myself fast approaching 420 pounds in a continued decade-long struggle with my weight. I was very unhealthy, with a list of co-morbidities that would most likely have resulted in an early exit for me. I knew I needed to change something to be around for my family and decided to have the gastric bypass. The surgery was a success and over the course of 14 months I lost 240 lbs and dropped from a 56 waist to a 36 waist…20 inches!!! Nearly 5 years later I was successful in changing my habits and lifestyle and was able to keep the weight off where so many others had failed. The by product of such massive weight loss was the amount of skin hanging from my stomach. I decided that I needed to explore surgery to remove the skin and fix my abdomen and improve the way my clothes fit. The first surgeon I approached spent 5 minutes with me, told me what I needed and walked out the room. No questions. No discussion. No information other then the surgery he felt I needed. It felt cold and impersonal; almost as if talking to me was an inconvenience to his schedule. That did not set well with me and I decided to seek a second opinion. I then found Dr. Lewis Ladocsi. What a completely different experience from the first doctor! Dr. Ladocsi started by asking about me, my weight loss success, how I had been successful in keeping the weight off, and the overall impact it had on my life. When we discussed the reason for my visit he asked a lot of questions regarding what I was looking for in a surgical result, how much time I was willing to invest in recovery, and what I had in mind as a starting point. Once he understood my story, he began to give me options around procedures, techniques, and answered my multitude of questions around each of those two topics. His warm unassuming manner made me feel very comfortable and right at home. Dr. Ladocsi never pressured me to make a decision but rather gave me options to consider and make my own informed decision. On the day of the surgery he came in after I was prepped to make sure I understood exactly what I was getting ready to do and what I could expect in detail after the surgery as well as assure me that he would be one phone call away when I woke up and got home and began the healing process. The results are fantastic!!! The surgery and subsequent healing have gone exactly as he said and I found the follow up to be refreshing in that I wasn’t treated like a post surgery afterthought; but rather just as important as the day I came in for the consult. If you are looking for a surgeon who cares, is invested, and desires to set the bar for excellence not only in surgical results and outcome but also in patient care and interaction…look no further then Dr. Ladocsi.”

“I cannot say enough nice things about this place. I was referred to Dr. Wornom by my dermatologist for a suspicious lesion and his office was so nice and fit me right in. Turns out it couldn't be taken off in office, I guess it was too big and had to be done under anesthesia. The whole staff was so sweet from start to finish I didn't have to do anything his staff even got the authorization from my insurance and his scheduler scheduled the apt for my lab work and surgery. All I had to do is just show up.”

“Got an appointment the day before I needed one. Dr. Wornom worked to maximize my time and provided the necessary treatment in an efficient manner. He and the nurses were kind and engaging!”

“Dr. Wornom and staff were as nice as I ever had anyone to treat a patient. ’”

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