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Transgender Surgery in Richmond, VA

If you are considering transgender surgery, it’s good to know that Richmond Plastic Surgeons is home to six of the best board-certified plastic surgeons in the Richmond, Midlothian and surrounding areas of Virginia. Our practice has been serving this community for more than 25 years and we have the discretion, sensitivity, and skill to help you achieve your transgender surgery goals.

What is Transgender Surgery?

At Richmond Plastic Surgeons, we know just how important it is for you to feel like your body represents who you truly are. Transgender surgery is an empowering procedure that lets your true self emerge. Not everyone is born with gender characteristics that are true to who they are. Transgender surgery gives you the ability to look and feel like your authentic self.

Benefits of Transgender Surgery

If your real self, both inside and out, is out of alignment, this can deeply undermine your happiness and quality of life. If you just don’t feel right about how you appear in the eyes of others, then you really are not comfortable in your own skin. Transgender surgery offers you the opportunity to change yourself, and to claim your right to happiness and enhanced self-esteem by shifting your outward appearance to match your gender identity, no matter whether you are making a transition to a female or to a male identity.

Who is a Candidate for Transgender Surgery?

If you experience a disconnect between how you feel and what your anatomic characteristics communicate to the world, you may be a candidate for transgender surgery. A wide spectrum of surgeries are available to treat gender dysphoria, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to gender confirmation, which is why having an open dialogue with your surgeon about your transition goals is so vitally important. Richmond Plastic Surgeons is committed to providing care that transitioning residents in the greater Richmond and Midlothian area need to live and thrive, so you can enjoy a full, authentic, and healthy life.

What is the Procedure for Transgender Surgery?

Everyone’s transition is different, and at Richmond Plastic Surgeons, through a variety of customized procedures, your compassionate and supportive board certified plastic surgeon will help you achieve your transition. Your procedures may include everything from changing the shape of your face or body to sex reassignment. Depending on the nature of your transition, and whether or not it is male to female or female to male, during your pre-surgery consultation we will work with you to determine an appropriate surgical course of treatment that is personalized to your needs and your transition goals.

How Much Does Transgender Surgery Cost?

You are unique, and your decision to undergo a transgender transition process is an expression of your courage and determination to be true to yourself. During your consultation we will review your options with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for your needs, including discussing your costs. Your insurance provider may cover some transition costs, and in addition to accepting all forms of payment we also offer convenient financing options.

What Should I Do Next?

For an optimal outcome to your transgender surgery, it’s important that you not only trust your surgeon, but also that you have confidence that the entire staff cares about your comfort and well-being. The transgender transition process is fraught with challenges, but you can rest easy knowing that you have the support of the entire team at Richmond Plastic Surgeons in becoming the person you want to be. Contact us to set up your consultation, and take that first step to the new true you!

At Richmond Plastic Surgeons, we are your home for all your transgender surgery needs, and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality care with a personalized experience, led by our team of board-certified plastic surgeons. Our goal is to understand your needs and desires for transgender surgery and to help you achieve them, which is why we even have physicians on staff who speak Spanish. Contact us today to set up your complimentary transgender surgery consultation.