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In the past, the treatment options available for breast augmentation patients with capsular contracture were much more limited. Revision surgery was often the only effective option. Today, Richmond Plastic Surgeons is proud to also offer Aspen Ultrasound Treatment as a non-invasive treatment for mild to moderate capsular contracture following a breast augmentation. To help you understand the treatment and how it works, below are answers to the most important questions around this highly effective treatment. 

How does the Aspen Ultrasound Treatment for Capsular Contracture work?

The Aspen System relies on a series of painless, therapeutic ultrasound treatments administered to the whole implant capsule. The ultrasound energy helps loosen and soften the breast tissue without additional surgery, restoring a more natural looking and feeling breast and alleviating the tight or painful feeling that often accompanies capsular contracture.

During Aspen therapy, a special device (the Aspen harmonizer) is placed in different positions on the patient’s breast, without any incisions being made. It features a specialized paddle device that provides for more effective penetration of ultrasound energy. The Aspen harmonizer delivers precisely controlled ultrasound waves to the patient’s tissue, encouraging the growth of healthy collagen. This increases elasticity within the breast capsule around the implant, making the breasts feel soft and pliable again. 

What are the Benefits of Aspen Ultrasound Treatments?

There are no incisions whatsoever, treatments are completely non-invasive and painless. There’s no lengthy downtime following treatments. For those who are a candidate for this option, it’s more cost effective than surgery. 

Aspen Ultrasound Treatments can also be highly effective in preventing capsular contracture before it happens. If the patient has not been receiving treatment and notices hardening or other symptoms of contracture, therapy should be started as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness.

Aspen Technology is most effective when administered soon after capsular contracture begins to develop. Patients who are experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture should first come in for a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, they will evaluate your candidacy and recommend a treatment option that’s going to be the most beneficial for you.

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What can I Expect During my Aspen Ultrasound Treatment?

Treatments are done at our office by a licensed and trained medical professional. During the treatment, they will place the Aspen Ultrasound Harmonizer on the breast. The positioning of the device is adjusted throughout each treatment to ensure full coverage of the implant capsule in the breast. 

The number of sessions needed varies and depends on the level of capsular contracture the patient is experiencing. Typically, a series of 10 Aspen Ultrasound Treatments are administered over the course of about a month. Each visit to our office for treatment is about 30 minutes. Special massage techniques are also recommended to further soften and relax the breast tissue. After your treatment, you can return to your normal activities for the remainder of the day. 

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How do I know if the Aspen Ultrasound Treatment is Right for Me? 

Aspen Ultrasound Technology has been shown to be effective for grade two and grade three cases of capsular contracture. Grade four cases may require more surgical intervention. If revision surgery is necessary, the Aspen Ultrasound System can serve as post-surgical therapy to reduce the recurrence of capsular contracture.

Non-surgical breast implant revision is not for everyone. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if this procedure is right for you. In more severe cases, breast implant removal or breast implant revision surgery may be needed to achieve the best cosmetic result.
The Aspen System has provided hope and healing to hundreds of women around the country coping with capsular contracture. Today, we’re proud to offer this non-surgical treatment method to our patients at Richmond Plastic Surgeons.

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