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Tighten Your Loose Skin in Richmond, VA

Whether it’s because of a major weight loss, pregnancy or just growing older, loose skin is a frustrating problem to have. There’s no fixing it at the gym or with home remedies, so it’s common for people to turn to ...
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Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation with Profound® and CO2RE® in Richmond, VA

Skin rejuvenation doesn’t have to be an invasive process. If you’re tired of your skin looking aged with the addition of fine lines and wrinkles or sagging skin, consider non-surgical skin tightening procedures such as Profound® and CO2RE®. These two ...
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Treat Yourself This Holiday Season in Richmond, VA

During the holiday season, we’re always concerned with providing for those around us. We get gifts for our friends and family, do charity work to help those in need and make extravagant meals for the ones we love. It’s time ...
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Renuvion® Arm Tightening vs. Arm Lift in Richmond, VA

Medical technology is always improving upon itself to make sure you have the most comfortable experience possible with the shortest amount of recovery time. The arm lift is a procedure many consider to get rid of their “bingo wings.” Let’s ...
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Mommy Makeover Minus the Tummy Tuck: Getting Renuvion® in Richmond, VA

After having kids, you may not recognize your body. Skin is sagging in places it never used to and your breasts just aren’t nearly as perky as they used to be. If you’re considering a mommy makeover, but the tummy ...
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Transforming Your Skin with a Single Renuvion® Treatment in Richmond, VA

We all want our skin to look healthy and glowing, so we often get skin treatments done to help with that. These skin treatments can often be costly and we may still be left with sagging, loose and dull-looking skin ...
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5 Things Richmond Residents Can do to Slow Down the Aging Process

No matter how much we try to stop it, aging is going to happen. Our skin is going to look a little less bright and youthful than it once did and our body is going to go through natural changes ...
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Introducing Renuvion: Benefits, Results & More

There’s always new cutting-edge technology coming out every year, and we want to be getting procedures done with only the latest and greatest devices out there. We’re here to introduce to your Renuvion® - a non-surgical skin tightening treatment for ...
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Troubled by Your Turkey Neck? We’ve Got a Neck Contouring Option for You

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Time to get ready for a great time with loved ones, complete with a beautiful roasted bird and all the classic sides. But if all this thinking about turkey makes you fret about your ...
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2016 Events in Richmond: 7 Reasons Not to Hibernate this Fall & Winter

When the weather cools and the sun hides, it’s easy to go into hibernation mode. But while we appreciate the allure of a Netflix marathon, there’s too much going on in Richmond to sit the season out! Check out these ...
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