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Membership Packages for Exclusive Discounts on Cosmetic Procedures and Skincare

Are you seeing a doctor regularly for Botox, Daxxify, filler, or other cosmetic procedures? Perhaps you’ve been seeing one of our aestheticians and are following a skincare regimen with them. 

These packages were developed to help you save on what matters most. Each package offers a variety of discounts you can enjoy. 

Richmond Plastic Surgeons now offers membership packages, so you enjoy exclusive specials on your favorite products and treatments all year. 

Patients can choose from one of three packages offering comprehensive discounts and specials depending on their preferences.

Membership FAQs

Are any treatments or discounts transferable to other people?

Treatments and discounts are non-transferable.

How does the 30 day and 60 day cancellation notice work?

We either require 30 days’ or 60 days’ notice if you would like to cancel your membership depending on which tier you choose. For example, if your membership fee is automatically charged on the 1st of the month, and you cancel your membership on the 15th, then you will still owe your membership fee for the 1st of the following month if its 30 days, and the 1st of the following 2 months if it’s 60 days.

How soon can I get in for an appointment with Priority Scheduling?

Depending on the physician/esthetician’s availability, we may have same day appointments. If not, a few days or weeks, depending on the time of year and doctor. We try our best to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules to the best of our ability.

What are “approved cosmetic procedures”?

Approved Cosmetic Procedures means that it’s a discount on the price quote received in the consultation with your plastic surgeon. It’s a surgical plan that has been approved by the plastic surgeon once they determine the specifics of the procedure plan.

Call to set up your membership: 804-285-4115

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