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Enhance Your Confidence with Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that will enlarge your breasts, giving them an improved shape and appearance, boosting your confidence, and enhancing your look along the way. Most typically, this is achieved with rounded or teardrop breast implants. Richmond Plastic Surgeons offers breast augmentation for women in Richmond, Midlothian, and surrounding areas of Virginia.

What is Breast Augmentation?

One of our board-certified, expert surgeons can greatly enhance the size or shape of your breasts through a procedure known as breast augmentation. 

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to provide women with larger, more symmetrical, beautifully-shaped breasts. Women can choose the implant type, size and shape that they desire for their breast augmentation to achieve the volume and projection that is wanted. In many cases, this procedure is combined with a breast lift to remove excess skin, lift the breasts higher on the chest wall, and help achieve a youthful, upward tilt of the breasts and nipples.

By using FDA-approved devices and the safest, most technologically-advanced procedures, Richmond Plastic Surgeons can change your breasts in whatever way you’d prefer.

How Do Breast Implants Work?

Breast implants have two components: an outer shell and a liquid inside the shell. While the shell is always made from silicone, the liquid inside can be either silicone or saline. Both are approved by the FDA, but you must be at least 22 years old to be considered for silicone breast implants. Here’s some information to help you decide which type of breast implant is the best fit for you:

  • Breast implants are sized according to the amount of filler inside the implant itself (measured in “CCs,” or cubic centimeters)
  • You can choose your implants based on things like filler type, size, and shape
  • You must be at least 18 years old for saline implants and 22 years old for silicone implants
  • Younger patients can be considered for breast implants for reconstructive purposes
  • Revision surgery might be needed in the future to replace your breast implants, as they’re not designed to last forever
  • Be sure to include an evaluation of your implants during your annual breast examinations

Breast Augmentation Post Op

Dr. Wornom - Breast Augmentation Post Op

Are Silicone Breast Implants Safe?

When breast augmentation surgery is performed by a surgeon as qualified as those on staff at Richmond Plastic Surgeons, absolutely!

Additionally, our board-certified professionals only utilize the newest and safest technological approaches, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in the safest of hands. We’ll be sure to answer any questions you might have, setting your mind at ease and ensuring your comfort.

Dr. Ladocsi - Breast Implants

Dr. Ladocsi - Breast Implants

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Benefits of Breast Augmentation

After their breast augmentation surgery, our patients tend to enjoy:

  • Feeling more confident about their bodies
  • Improving the fullness and shape of their breasts
  • A positive change to their overall proportions
  • Fitting well into a wider selection of clothing

Markings for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Wornom - Markings for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Am I the Ideal Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Some women are just naturally small breasted, while others can encounter changes due to aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. Additionally, some women may opt for breast augmentation after developing breasts that are asymmetrical in size or shape.

Our surgeons might also recommend breast augmentation paired with a lift procedure, which enhances both shape and size, while eliminating any potential sagging, as well.

What Should I Do Before My Breast Augmentation?

Your first step will be a consultation with one of board-certified surgeons. After examining your breasts and talking over your personal goals for breast augmentation, we’ll talk you through each type of implant.

We’ll help you comfortably pick out the right type of implant for your procedure, based on several factors:

  • Filler type (silicone or saline)
  • Implant size, shape, and so forth
  • Your individual breast anatomy
  • Your specific body type
  • The desired size for your breasts
  • Your lifestyle and personal goals

Your surgeon will guide you through a recommendation based on this comprehensive approach, so you can feel confident about your breast augmentation in Richmond.

Richmond Plastic Surgeons

What Can I Expect on The Day of My Breast Augmentation?

Your individual anatomy and implant type will mostly determine the procedure for your breast augmentation. The surgery will require general anesthesia, with incisions made:

  • In the natural crease under the breast
  • In the armpit area
  • Around the areola, if needed

After making the incision, your surgeon will lift the breast tissue and skin, forming a pocket in which the implant is placed. The implant can be placed either on top of or under the muscle. Once your surgeon is satisfied with the position, the incisions will be closed, and a comfortable bandage will be placed over the breasts.

How Long Will My Breast Augmentation Take?

Each patient is unique, so procedure times will vary. The length of your breast augmentation surgery generally depends on the complexity of the procedure. For most patients, breast augmentation surgery is a short procedure that typically takes one to two hours to complete.

What Can I Expect After Breast Augmentation?

You’ll be tired and sore for the first 24 to 48 hours, so we recommend that you make plans to rest and recover comfortably at home. 

You’ll need to stay home from work for a few days, and it’s recommended that you arrange to have someone around to help you out around the house, as you’ll need to avoid any kind of strenuous activity. Your surgeon will prescribe medication to help you manage the pain, if needed.

After a few days, the gauze bandage will come off, and you might be given a special bra to use. It’s common to experience some discomfort, tenderness, bruising and swelling during this period, as well. You might also experience a burning sensation in your nipples for the first two weeks, which is also normal. 

Your surgeon will work directly with you, and will let you know when you can get back to things like exercise. You can expect your nipples to be quite sensitive for three to four weeks, and it’s recommended that you avoid any excessive physical contact with them.

Will My Breast Augmentation Leave Scars?

While the incisions for breast augmentation will leave scars, we take care to hide them well, so they’re not at all easy to spot.

They’ll be dark pink for at least six weeks, before beginning to fade after several months.

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When Can I Enjoy the Results?

Right away! You’ll see a change in your breasts immediately after your surgery, but keep in mind that there will be swelling present for some time. Typically, full results set in over the course of six months to one year.

Are There Any Possible Complications with Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a relatively simple procedure, but any type of surgery has risks. Our expertly-trained staff of surgeons takes great care to avoid issues like the following:

  • Capsular contractions, which occur when the scar around the implant tightens, causing the implants to feel hard. These might need to be treated with a second procedure to remove — or “score” — the scar tissue. In advanced cases, the implant may need removal or replacement.
  • Infections around the breast implant are rare, but can occur within a week surgery. Your surgeon will work with you to watch for signs of infection during your follow-up appointments. If we can’t treat an infection with medication, the implant may require removal until the infection is resolved.
  • Nipple sensitivity can change after a breast augmentation, with the nipples becoming either less sensitive, more sensitive, or numb. You might also experience numbness around each incision. In most cases, the sensation returns fully.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy are safe for women who have implants, but these life changes will impact the size and shape of your breasts. If you have a breast augmentation when you are young, you may need to correct sagging or other issues once you have children. If you’re considering children in the future, a breast augmentation revision might be included as part of your Mommy Makeover.
  • Mammograms are more challenging for women who have implants, so you should disclose to your physician and other medical professionals that you have implants before getting one.

Q&A with Dr. Hubert: Breast Augmentation

Q&A with Dr. Hubert: Breast Augmentation

How Long Will the Results of My Breast Augmentation Last?

Breast implants aren’t made to last forever. You might need to replace your implants after 10 to 20 years, or if your personal preferences about breast shape and size change over time.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Richmond?

Breast augmentation in Midlothian & Richmond, VA, is not covered by most insurance. After your consultation, we’ll provide you with a complete cost breakdown and explain our different payment options. Financing is available through CareCredit®.

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