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What Exactly Is a Neck Lift?

Sun damage, gravity, and genetics often work together to determine how your neck area ages. You might have started to notice loose skin under your chin, fading definition along your jawline, or little bulges of fat here and there. That means, now is the perfect time to learn everything you need to know about a neck lift with one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at Richmond Plastic Surgeons.

What Are the Benefits of a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is among the most strategic and popular ways to rejuvenate your appearance as you get older. The procedure can help you to look and feel more like your old self, revitalizing your self-image and giving you a new lease on life. Benefits of a neck lift in Richmond include the following:

  • Smoother, firmer skin
  • A reduction in lines, creases, and wrinkles
  • A contoured neck and jawline
  • Correction of vertical banding
  • Reversal of stubborn submental fat (double chin)
  • Very minimal, hidden scarring
  • A short recovery period
  • Long-lasting results (10-15 years)
  • Boosted confidence and improved self-esteem
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Am I the Ideal Candidate for a Neck Lift?

You’re the perfect candidate for a neck lift in Richmond if you’re an adult in good health, and have dealt with:

  • Lax neck muscles
  • Sagging or loose skin
  • Creases and folds on the neck
  • Bulges caused by pockets of fat
  • Double or triple chins

What will happen during your private consultation?

During your consultation, you will have plenty of time to discuss your aesthetic goals and the areas of your face and neck that you would like to enhance or improve. We will ask questions to understand your unique goals and medical history, gathering information about your overall health and desires to ensure you’re a candidate for the procedure. You’ll be able to ask questions and cover any concerns so that you feel confident and empowered about your procedure going forward.


We will take photographs of your neckline and face, as these will be needed as a point of reference for the changes you desire. We will examine your skin and facial features, ask about any medications and supplements you take, about alcohol or drug use, and also about any specific requests you may have regarding your procedure.

Dr. Aboutanos - Neck Lift Surgery

Dr. Aboutanos - Neck Lift Surgery

What Should I Do Before My Neck Lift?

The neck area is home to a series of delicate structures, which our surgeons take extra care to preserve during surgery. In order to protect yourself from unwanted complications, we’ll set up a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons before your Richmond neck lift, so you can feel safe and secure through every step of the process.

What About a “Mini” Neck Lift?

You might not need a full neck lift to achieve that youthful look you deserve. We offer a mini neck lift to anyone who wants to subtly improve their appearance, with a surgery that targets excess fat and loose skin along your neckline.

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What Can I Expect on The Day of My Neck Lift?

Full and mini neck lift procedures involve different techniques to achieve the desired results.

Full neck lift

Your surgery will begin with general anesthesia provided by an expert anesthesiologist. For a full neck lift, your surgeon will make incisions at the bottom of your ear in your hairline, or a very small incision under your chin. Once the incisions have been made, the muscles will be lifted and tightened with sutures, and excess fat removed. Then, your skin will be pulled tight into place to create a firm, smooth contour. The excess skin will be trimmed away. Your surgeon will then close the incisions and apply a pressure dressing around your head and underneath your chin.

In total, the procedure takes between 2-4 hours.

Mini neck lift

A mini neck lift is a more minor procedure, but it is very similar to a full neck lift. A mini neck lift is a more minor version of a full neck lift, but it’s done with smaller incisions and less invasive work, and the recovery time is shorter. 

A mini neck lift begins with local anesthesia, and it can be done with or without sedation depending on your needs. Once the anesthesia takes effect, small incisions are made under your chin. Using these incisions, the muscles are tightened and excess fat is removed. Excess skin is removed in the jowl area and under the chin to create a more contoured, youthful-looking jawline and neck. 

The procedure typically takes about an hour.

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What Can I Expect After My Neck Lift?

After your Richmond neck lift, we’ll wrap the healing area with a comfortable compression bandage, to hold everything in place and preserve the results of your procedure. 

For up to about three days, your neck will feel tight, and you might experience some pain and swelling. The feeling of tightness might last until you’re fully healed, and some patients experience numbness and tingling around their incisions.

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Will I Need a Facelift With My Neck Lift? 

Combining a neck lift with a facelift is highly recommended when it comes to achieving the most comprehensive anti-aging results possible, especially if the patient is suffering from heavy jowling and a loss of definition in the jawline. If the neck is smooth and taut while the face continues to be rife with sagging skin, an unnatural-looking outcome may occur. 

For those who are still in the early stages of facial aging, it may be possible to undergo a neck lift by itself in conjunction with non-surgical facial rejuvenation like thread lifts. The only way to tell for sure is to undergo a detailed consultation with our team, during which we can examine your skin and make our best recommendations for achieving your cosmetic goals.

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How Long Does a Neck Lift Take?

Mini neck lifts take about an hour. Full neck lifts typically take two to four hours.

Will I Have Scars After Getting a Neck Lift?

Our highly-experienced surgeons take extra care to hide the scars from your neck very well, and they’ll soften and fade over the course of about a year.

When Will I See My Results?

Immediately! You’ll notice the results of your neck lift right after your surgery.

Are There Possible Complications from a Neck Lift?

A neck lift does come with a small degree of risk for complications, as just about any surgery does. Our board-certified surgeons use the latest technology and the most advanced techniques to keep you as safe as possible, avoiding complications like infection, adverse reactions to anesthesia, and damage to nerves and blood vessels.

How Long Will the Results of My Neck Lift Last?

You’ll enjoy the youthful results of your neck lift for years and years to come.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost in Richmond?

After your consultation, we’ll walk you through the cost of your neck lift. At Richmond Plastic Surgeons, we accept several forms of payment, and financing is available through CareCredit®.

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