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Are you tired of skincare products that fail to bring you the changes you want? Richmond Plastic Surgeons offers a variety of professional skincare products for men and women in Richmond, Midlothian, and surrounding areas of Virginia who want real, effective anti-aging and skin care solutions.

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What do We Offer?

At Richmond Plastic Surgeons, we know that everyone’s skin is unique, with different needs. This is why we offer a wide variety of skincare treatment options, each one clinically proven to improve your skin’s health while reducing the signs of issues such as aging, sun damage, and other cosmetic concerns. Each product is safe for use after cosmetic treatments and facial surgery, or as part of your daily skin care regimen.

Skincare Products Selected Just For You

The board-certified plastic surgeons and medical estheticians at Richmond Plastic Surgeons have carefully hand-picked our skincare products, ensuring that they meet the unique needs of anybody in the Richmond area.

Richmond Plastic Surgeons


BioCorneum is a highly effective scar treatment that can be used on both new and old scars that result from surgeries, cosmetic procedures, trauma, wounds, burns. This scar treatment can minimize (or prevent) the development of hypertrophic scars; improve the appearance of old scars, and protects scars from the sun. BioCorneum is the only advanced scar treatment with FDA-Cleared Silishield® patented cross-linking medical grade silicone and SPF 30.

RPS Skincare

RPS Skincare products go through a strict purification process and deeply target the dermis, not just the surface of the skin. The line’s active ingredients travel down into the skin to beautifully rebuild your skin, making it as healthy as possible. RPS Skincare rebuilds collagen, repairs pigmentation, heals broken capillaries and scarring, and produces elastin to make you as radiant as you feel. 


Who is the Ideal Candidate for Skincare Products?

Anybody can benefit from using our professional skincare products!

What Should I Do Before Using Professional Skincare Products?

Your first step is to meet with one of our medical estheticians, and we’ll help you find the right combination of skincare products for your personal goals.

What Should I Expect During My Skincare Products Consultation?

We’ll start by evaluating your skin, looking closely at your pores to identify any problems that might contribute to a dull complexion or cause acne. We’ll also look for any signs of sun damage and aging, before talking about how you can achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

When Will I See the Results?

Improving skin health takes time, and each treatment comes with its own timeframe for results. During your consultation, one of our medical estheticians will walk you through what you can expect, and how soon you can expect it.

Are There Any Possible Complications from Professional Skincare Products?

We only use all natural skincare products, so complications are rare.

How Long Will the Results of My Professional Skincare Products Last?

With continued use, you can keep your skin healthy and attractive for a lifetime!

How Much Do Professional Skincare Products Cost in Richmond?

Medical-grade skincare products are elective, and won’t be covered by your insurance. After your consultation, we’ll provide you with a detailed cost breakdown, so you can review your budget and prepare accordingly.

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