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Named for the shapely and full buttocks typically found on the beautiful women of Brazil (and admired the world over), the Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure designed to give you that very same, shapely derriere. Richmond Plastic Surgeons offers Brazilian butt lifts for women in Richmond, Midlothian and surrounding areas of Virginia.

What Exactly Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian women tend to have rounder, fuller buttocks due primarily to genetics, so there’s no amount of diet or exercise that can give you the exact same results.

But that’s where Richmond Plastic Surgeons comes in! We can help you attain what your genes deny you, granting you the bum you’ve always wanted with our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. We’ll use fat from another part of your body, carefully sculpting your backside, so you can enjoy that look you’ve always wanted.

What Are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Also known as gluteal enhancement, the Brazilian Butt Lift can be accomplished in one of two ways: implants or fat injections. The fat injection method tends to come with a few distinct advantages:

  • No foreign objects inside your body
  • Highly customizable enhancement
  • A more natural look and feel

Am I the Ideal Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If your answer to any of the following questions is “yes,” you might be the perfect candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift!

  • Do you want rounder, fuller buttocks?
  • Do you have clothing that doesn’t fit right, due to the size and shape of your buttocks?
  • Do you want a natural appearance from your buttock enhancement?
  • Would you prefer to avoid implants?
  • Do you want to improve the proportion of your buttocks with your body?

Some other factors that’ll make you a good candidate for our Brazilian Butt Lift are:

  • You’re in good health, and are stably near your ideal weight
  • You have sufficient donor fat in another area of your body
  • You don’t have sagging skin in your buttock area

What Should I Do Before My Brazilian Butt Lift?

A great Brazilian Butt Lift doesn’t just depend on the fat injection procedure type. Working with a highly-experienced surgeon who uses the most advanced techniques is another important key to a successful procedure. Our board-certified surgeons are among the most experienced in the Richmond area, and will precisely place your injections, for the most natural appearance possible. We’ll set up a personal consultation with you, walking you through everything you need to know about your Richmond Brazilian butt lift.

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What Should I Expect on The Day of My Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift involves two steps:

  • Liposuction will harvest fat. Your surgeon will administer anesthesia before small incisions are made and a cannula is inserted. The fat is then dislodged and suctioned out, before being processed and purified.
  • Your surgeon will then slowly and methodically inject the fat into several areas of your buttocks and upper thigh area.

How Long Will My Brazilian Butt Lift Take?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a two-step procedure, requiring a pretty high degree of precision. It typically takes five to eight hours, depending on your body type.

What Should Expect After My Brazilian Butt Lift?

You’ll be able to walk and move around after the procedure, but you’ll want to keep your activity level low for the first few days. You’ll experience some tenderness and bruising in both your buttocks, and the area where the liposuction was performed. You can go back to work after a week or two, but you’ll need to avoid strenuous activity and exercise.

You won’t be able to apply direct pressure to your buttocks until you’ve healed completely. We recommend using a donut-shaped pillow when sitting, and you should take care to sleep on your side or stomach. 

After three or four weeks, you can exercise as usual!


Will I Have Scars After My Brazilian Butt Lift?

Only the liposuction site will have scarring, which will be very small, so it won’t be noticeable unless the area is pretty closely inspected.

When Will I See the Results?

Right away! You’ll notice an immediate improvement in the shape of your buttocks, but the full results can take two to three months to set in.

Are There Any Possible Complications from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

At Richmond Plastic Surgeons, our staff comprises highly-experienced, board-certified surgeons, who are adept at avoiding surgical complications. We use advanced techniques and technology to avoid things like:

  • Irregularities
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Other undesired results

How Long Will the Results of My Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

Forever! The results of a Brazilian butt lift are permanent, sometimes fat cells don’t survive the injection process, which is normal. Weight fluctuations and aging can also affect your buttocks, so you might need follow-up treatments to refine the results.

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Richmond?

A Brazilian butt lift is an elective procedure, so it won’t be covered by most insurance. After your consultation, we’ll provide you with an accurate cost breakdown, and we accept several forms of payment, with financing available through CareCredit®.

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