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Arm Lift Before and After Pictures in Richmond, VA

Are “bat wings” a problem for you, due to excess fat and flab hanging off of your upper arms? Want to eliminate those stubborn fleshy folds of skin on your arms for a more toned look? At Richmond Plastic Surgeons we offer arm lifts for both women and men in the greater Richmond and Midlothian, VA, area.

When excess skin and fat accumulate under your arms, it is no longer possible to correct this cosmetic imperfection purely through diet and exercise alone. An arm lift procedure removes this extra skin and fat. Your procedure begins with an incision beginning at your elbow and continuing to the armpit area. Through this incision your underlying muscles and tissue are tightened and then held in place with sutures, while your skin is pulled tight across the top of the incision. As you can see from our before and after pictures, the results are dramatic and rejuvenating to your overall appearance.

Arm Lift Patient 1

Arm Lift Patient 2

Arm Lift Patient 3

Richmond Plastic Surgeons offers arm lift surgery for men and women in Richmond, Midlothian and surrounding areas of Virginia. Contact us to set up your consultation.